Caring for your own needs as a caregiver

A practical program and support group for caregivers who are struggling to look after their own needs and squeeze in time for themselves

Is this you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsupported as a caregiver for a loved one?

Do you find yourself struggling to balance your responsibilities and maintain your own well-being?

You are not alone.

We understand the unique challenges that come with being a caregiver, and we're here to offer you the support you need.

Our guided support group for caregivers is designed to provide you with the tools, resources, and community you need to take care of yourself while caring for your loved one.

Our support group is led by a coach with firsthand experience as a caregiver, who understands the struggles you're facing.

Our support group is small and intimate, with only 5 members per course, to ensure that you receive the personalized attention you need.

Don't let caregiving consume your life.

Join our guided support group for caregivers and take the first step towards taking care of yourself.

Sign up now and take control of your life and future. Don't hesitate, spaces are limited! Sign up today and start your journey to better self-care and well-being.


Qualified and experienced Life Coach
4 X 1 hour group support via zoom
Maximum 5 group participants 
Access to FB and Private Communities
Access to self paced "Become untouchable" training course
Access to digital version of Prosperous Nirvana Strength and Affirmation cards for when you need to remember what's strong with you!

In this programme you will learn:

In this program  William Whitford will share  insights gained from his own experience from 10+ years caring for a loved one whilst maintaining a successful career and what help helped him ditch stress and irritability and find the meaningful purpose driven life that he always wanted

Practical and personalised advise and support about your own self-care

A safe place to share your experience and frustrations without judgement

Reduced feelings of helplessness, resentment and anger

More headspace to make important and clear decisions

Feeling like you’re not alone

Increased life satisfaction

Led by a coach with firsthand experience as a caregiver

Small intimate group - only 5 members per course

Will help you feel in control of your life and future

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Hi, I'm William Whitford

Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, RTT Therapist

My framework helps you reconnect to what’s truly important to you, feel less stressed, irritable and create more abundance in ALL areas of your life so you can enjoy your accomplishments without having to choose between success and family, health, and values.    

After thirty years in the corporate world, I reached the top of my profession as finance director of a large multinational engineering company. I always thought I was going to feel happy when I achieved that goal.        

Shortly after being appointed director my wife was diagnosed with early onset Alzhiemer's disease.  

I felt I was going to losing everything I had spent years building up.  I wanted my wife to get the best of care and was sure that I was the only one who  could provide that.  

Before her decline my wife was brutally honest.  "Don't let this disease cost two lives" she used to tell me... words I would later repeat to myself on numerous occasions.  

The truth is I had lost sight of the vision I had when I started my career and why I was so driven in the first place.  I had become extremely independent and reluctant to ask anyone for help.  Several people  told me that I would have to choose between being a caregiver and having a career "You can't have it all” was a common refrain. I believed them.      

 But they were wrong.        

It took a family tragedy for me to truly realise that things needed to change. It forced me to look at what was important to me. At that point, I made a decision to prioritise my values, relationships and the wonderful moments that I could create.        
The more I spoke to my friends and colleagues, the more I realised that my struggles are not unique to me. So many people reported feeling overwhelmed , stressed, and unhappy trying to balance family responsibilities with their own dreams goals and desires. They wanted something more.    

I didn’t want anyone else to wait for something as awful to happen to them to start making the changes needed to find happiness today.      

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help caregivers find the meaning and purpose that will help them find the balance and take the actions that will lead to greater happiness before they reach a breaking point.          
If this sounds like you, then this programme is for you.  

Calling on my personal and professional experience I uniquely utilise a regimen of coaching, hypnotherapy and RTT to help my clients achieve permanent, change by introducing habits that decrease their stress levels while increasing happiness, and achieving greater peace, satisfaction, and fulfilment.

Prosperous Nirvana is a social enterprise that is dedicated to improving the lives of caregivers.
Caregivers are often overlooked and undervalued for their critical role in society.
Prosperous Nirvana aims to change this by providing resources, support, and services that enable caregivers to live more fulfilling lives.

With a focus on empowerment and sustainability, Prosperous Nirvana strives to create a brighter future for caregivers and their loved ones.

Through its innovative approach to caregiving, this social enterprise is committed to fostering a more compassionate and equitable world.

Hear what my clients say about working with me

Reginald Abrahams

To anyone who is looking to improve themselves or learn more about what you can achieve then you’ve come to the right place. William will help you with his very practical approach using life experiences to show you how to assess what your future has for you. Great inspiration from a man with loads of experience.

Claudia Kaldenbach

After 25 years of personal development, William gave me an experience that brought me clarity and relief. Being a high achiever I was bothered by my perfectionism. Getting stressed and not able to get things done. During the hypnotherapy William guided me to the past and we found the cause beneath it all. I felt safe during the hypnotherapy session and was impressed by his expertise. Although it was also emotional I felt a huge relief. I can feel that he puts his heart in it to give his clients the best results in their pursuit of happiness. Highly recommended for high achievers who’d like to live life to the fullest and leave the past behind

Alison Pinder

I came across William at a time when I had really lost all direction in my pursuit in building my own business as well as in my personal life, each of which was impacting the other. I had all sorts of ideas half formed but really wasn't sure of the best way forward. Through talking to William over the space of 4 or 5 sessions he was able to help me get a much clearer understanding of what it was that I was trying to achieve and why. Each session ended with a plan of the steps I needed to take to move me closer to defining exactly what I wanted and what I needed to do to get to the next step. The 'space' I now find myself in after those sessions is a completely different place from where I started. I have been able to get clear on what I need to do and have already set many, many of those processes in place. Having spoken to many members of my family and friends over the last few weeks every one of them has commented on the fact that I no longer look 'lost' and that I have a renewed vigour for building my business as well as having so much more energy. I can't thank William enough for his guidance.

Brian Redmond

Working with William has been transformative. He has come to know my strengths and weaknesses in such a way that our conversations are always focused on him asking just the right questions to force me to think in new ways and with a better perspective. I would absolutely recommend William to anyone I know!.