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Meet William Whitford...


Life Coach • Hypnotherapist • Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner • Founder of Prosperous Nirvana

"We know not what we are but what we may  be"

William Shakespeare

I passionately believe that every person has the ability to achieve something great.  It is important for each individual to define for him or herself what greatness means for them.  I also believe that every one of us has a desire to fulfil that potential to do good.  To make our world a better place.

During my many years at the top of the Corporate ladder, I came across many people who had that desire knocked off course. By anxiety or stress, by ambition or by pressure to pay the mortgage many people have lost sight of what is truly important to them.  They had lost sight of their values or formed beliefs that are stopping them from achieving their goals.

When I was at a leadership level in a large organisation, I buried myself in my work,  I was blind to the wonderful things going on around me and defined success by my job title. However, life has a wonderful habit of putting us straight.  It was only when I experienced set-backs in my personal and family life that I began to realise that I was getting what I focused on.   I was watering the weeds of my life and allowing others to share their weeds with me.  I lost site of the abundance that was all around me and felt more stuck, disillusioned  and bitter.

I waited for set-backs to wake me up.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO

By taking regular time out to reflect on your path, by discovering why you are on this  path and where it's likely to lead, you can take control of your direction, regain your potential for greatness and for good.  By reconnecting with your values you can lead the life that you were born to lead

I made the decision that I am greater than what the corporate world had to offer.  That is why I now help people like you rediscover their potential without compromising on their obligations, values or dreams


What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Watch the short video below explaining one of the modalities I use to help my clients achieve quick and lasting results. 

My mission...

Zoe Whitford (2014 -2018)

My work and my life is dedicated to my beautiful little girl, Zoe, who was taken from us so young and so suddenly.

You showed me the meaning of love, compassion and gratitude.  You will live forever in my thoughts and my deeds.  Love you.

my inspiration

What others say about working with me...

Kevania Gomez

I am Kevania Gomez from Peru and I had 6 sessions with Will Whitford.

Will helped me accelerate the progress of the goals that I wanted to achieve for me, to have a lot of clarity of the progress and to be able to put it in practice.

Always asking me the right questions so I didn't lose the deepest desires I had.

Will is a person who really cares about you, who wants to help you be and to achieve what you want. Very committed to your results.

I recommend that you take sessions with Will . He will take you from point A to the point where you want to go.

Alison Pinder

I came across William at a time when I had really lost all direction in my pursuit in building my own business as well as in my personal life, each of which was impacting the other.

I had all sorts of ideas half formed but really wasn't sure of the best way forward. Through talking to William over the space of 4 or 5 sessions he was able to help me get a much clearer understanding of what it was that I was trying to achieve and why.

Each session ended with a plan of the steps I needed to take to move me closer to defining exactly what I wanted and what I needed to do to get to the next step.

The 'space' I now find myself in after those sessions is a completely different place from where I started. I have been able to get clear on what I need to do and have already set many, many of those processes in place.

Having spoken to many members of my family and friends over the last few weeks every one of them has commented on the fact that I no longer look 'lost' and that I have a renewed vigour for building my business as well as having so much more energy.

I can't thank William enough for his guidance.

Paula Guilfoyle

I first met William at the Leinster CPA society where he was an active committee member.

Since then I have been fortunate enough to have worked with William on a number of occasions. William is a professional inspirational leader and finance director.

He is an optimistic commercial business leader with amazing communication and critical thinking skills.

From what I have seen over the years, William also has the ability to stand up to a challenge and think outside of the box.